EAS - AnTunes IT-Services

Edgar Antunes

CEO . Chief Developer . Founder

The company now draws on 25+ years of knowledge.
A company that started with Edgar Antunes and his passion for programming.

He programmed his first application at the tender age of 13 in Basic and Turbo Pascal, at a time when the Internet was not available. During his training as a communications electronics technician at Alcatel SEL AG, he voluntarily attended additional training courses on software development at Alcatel University. Later in his career, he had the opportunity to take part in further training as a software developer at a renowned private institute, which he enthusiastically accepted.
This time has radically changed his consciousness and his way of programming, but it has also pushed him forward professionally. Among other things, he learned advanced software programming techniques such as Design Patterns and Xtreme Programming.

In the meantime, he has put together a dynamic team of experts that works together successfully and rises to every challenge. From small Microsoft Office macros to websites to tailored complex software solutions, whether installed locally or cloud-based.
In the interim, they have also established themselves in gaming programming.

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