Aplications for Windows, Linux, MacOs, from simple macros, scripts, office plugins to complex applications.


Complex server services and distributed systems.


RESTApi, JsonRPC and Virtualization.


From simple landing pages to CMS pages to complex web applications.


Xamarin Android, iOS and Microsoft UWP Apps


Gaming for Desktop, iOS, Android and Windows UWP


We have considered using product images and furter informations, but most of our projects were created in a very confidential setting, so we decided against it.

Development and implementation of a universal test environment for ECU tests used in several automotive manufacturers in southern Germany.

Technologies: NI TestStand, .Net, CAN

Database and front-end for managing & processing orders and automatic document generation.

Technologies: MS Access multi-user

Windows software for controlling various cameras using various protocols (VISCA, PELCO, ONVIF, VAPIX, etc.).

Technologies: C#, WPF, WCF, serielle Schnittstelle, RS232, LAN

Software for displaying the states of I / O modules on various systems and OLED displays.

Technologies: C#, WPF, WCF, GPIO, I²C, distributed systems

Software dongle as copy protection from Microsoft Windows Embedded.

Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, IIS, WebServices, MSSQL

Multi-user time scheduling software including management of vacation and other resources.

Technologies: C#, .NET

Configuration software for managing complex technical devices in the field of audio and video transmission.

Technologies: XOJO, Visual Basic, serial interface RS232, network communication

Implementation of RAW capture cards in existing video systems.

Technologies: C#, Direct show and direct access to video hardware, C, C++, h264, MPEG4, Video- and Audio processing

MQTT based system in .NET 5.0 to manage various ext. equipment, incl. rules + event handling. For industrial use. Significant Actions of an automation software for BMS.

Technologies: .NET 5.0, C#, .NETCore, ASP.NET, JS, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, MQTT, RS232, GSM, LAN, VPN

Interface to the existing CRM system. With a mobile website for access with Android and iPhones by service technicians.

Technologies: C#, ASP.Net, MVC5, JQueryMobile, JS

Android-App for the transmission of a camera recording via a VPN connection.

Technologies: Java, Android, VPN

various landing pages, websites and REST services.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, SASS, JS

Print layout for flyers, banners and brochures.

Technologies: Adobe In, Ps, Ai


Antunes IT Services

Antunes IT Services

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